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International Registration Plan (IRP)

  • If your commercial vehicles have a gross or combined gross weight (G/CGW) weight of 26,001 lbs. or more, you must register for the International Registration Plan (IRP) if operating outside California. You may also register for alternative commercial trip permits from the appropriate foreign jurisdictions you will be traveling.

    The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement among states of the US, the District of Columbia and provinces of Canada providing for payment of commercial motor carrier registration fees. Because of this agreement, IRP registration offers apportioned or pro-rated fees for commercial vehicles operating in two or more jurisdictions.

    According to California DMV, the California IRP registration period is 12 consecutive months, commencing on the 1st day of the assigned (beginning) month.

    Fees become due on original IRP applications the month the vehicle(s) first begin interstate operations and are charged for 13 months. Fees for vehicles that are added to the fleet after the original application are due when the vehicle is added to the fleet and are assessed for the number of months between the date added and the last day of the assigned registration period.

    At IRP Services, we specialize in IRP Registration to make it easier for you and your fleet. Our trained specialists provide consultation on whether or not you may need to register for IRP, which documents you are required to fill out if you do need to file, and all other information you need to submit. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us today.