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Interstate Licensing, Permits & Authority

  • At IRP Services, we have helped hundreds of interstate trucking companies with everything they need to comply fully with federal regulations. Our commercial vehicle specialists can guide you through what your specific needs are, provide the required documents, and give you details on the cost, making it easier for you to operate your business smoothly.

    As an interstate carrier, certain licensing, permits and authority registrations apply to you. All interstate carriers must register in every state you travel through. Your base state plate is not legal in other states. Below are 3 options you have to follow proper registration regulations:

  • Apportioned Plates
    Apportioned IRP Plates are the most cost-effective way to register a commercial vehicle for multiple states. An Apportioned plate is almost the same price as a base state plate, so it will be like getting 48 states for just the cost of one.

    IRP Services is a licensed & bonded by the California DMV to issue Apportioned plates right from our office. Once we receive your documents and fees, we can issue your Apportioned plate the same day. All documents and fees can be done online, so it will be convenient and hassle-free for you.

    Questions? Find out more about the International Registration Plan. If you have further questions specific to your company’s needs, we offer a free consultation with our commercial vehicle specialists.

    Trip Permits
    If your commercial vehicle will only be traveling through a few states a year, you have the option to purchase single trip registration permits for every state you travel through. However, we recommend considering Apportioned plates if your fleet travels across other states often.

    Permanent Trailer (PTI) Plate
    All trailers must be licensed in their home state. We provide permanent trailer plate registration in California.

  • Other Motor Carrier Permits

    IFTA Permit & Decals
    The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement among states to report fuel taxes by interstate motor carriers. Basically, it’s your annual interstate fuel permit that’s valid for all 48 states and Canada. An annual IFTA permit may be more cost-effective than purchasing single trip fuel permits for every state you travel. Please contact us today to find out more.

    New Mexico, New York, Kentucky, & Oregon Mileage Tax Permits
    In addition to your IFTA permit, these four states (NM, NY, KY, and OR) all require you to have a mileage tax account, permit, or decal. Again you have the option to purchase single trip permits or acquire an annual permit. However, if you have a commercial vehicle travelling often through these states, we recommend choosing an annual permit.

    The UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) is a new program from the federal DOT that replaced the (SSRS) Single State Registration System. It requires that all interstate carriers be enrolled and pay the appropriate fee. Most of the states you travel through require evidence that you’ve paid the UCR fees.

    Failure to pay your UCR fee will result in serious consquences. If you cross into a UCR participating state without having paid your UCR fee, the state and its USDOT officers will pull your trucks off the road immediately. Contact one of our commercial vehicle specialists for more information about the UCR.